BY-AM1 Dual-Channel Audio Mixer

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The BY-AM1, a dual-channel audio mixer, provides you with a compact audio mixing solution for 6.35mm line-in devices or any XLR microphones (Such as BY-M1000/BY-BY-BM58), which allows you to easily mount and control input devices, and to transmit the output signal to your computer.


  • Dual-channel audio mixer for dynamic/condenser XLR mics, line-level or instrument signals.
  • Compatible with computers, laptops, speakers.
  • No-latency headphone monitoring (Includes 6.35mm to 3.5mm TRRS adapter).
  • 6.35mm/XLR combo inputs, 6.35mm audio outputs.
  • USB 2.0 connection.
  • Supply 48V phantom power via XLR input.
  • 1/4"threaded hole for tripod mounting.
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Microphone Inputs

Frequency Response: 20Hz- 20kHz±0.1dB

Maximum lnput Level: 9dBu (at minimum gain)

Line Inputs

Frequency Response: 20Hz- 20kHz±0.1dB

THD: <0.01%S/N80dBU

Maximum lnput Level: 15dBu (at minimum gain)

Gain Range: 50dB

lmpedance: 47kΩ